Do you like house music, a good party at the Pacific Crest Trail on the Feather River while bringing herbal medicines to the People?  I am looking for one more person to complete our team of three at the annual Sunset Campout in Beldentown in late July.

Grassroots Apothecary Herbal 1st Aid & Wellness at Sunset Campout              

We’ll be showing up with humble hands to take care of the good people of the annual Sunset Campout with an assortment of herbal medicines for basic first aid needs, herbal electrolytes rehydration blend, Ayurvedic pulse, and a 24/7 self-help table.   

Hours of operation noon - 6:00PM stationed in the Faerie Circle where sound healing and other amazingly sweet workshops are taking place. 

Our mini apothecary is packed with an assortment of herbal ‘festival formulas’ that range from soothing sore/dry throats, immunity-boosting blends, digestive aids, grounding and nervous system nourishment; cooling spritzers, and more to address maladies that we typically see at festivals such as dehydration, minor headaches, dry/sore throats, common cold/low-immunity, over-exertion, minor gut issues, anxiety and insomnia.

We’ll be maintaining a steady supply of our home-made herbal electrolytes blend to help keep everyone safe and running optimally. Electrolytes are fabulous for helping keep heat exhaustion to a minimum in summer.  Our body needs the minerals calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium to conduct normal biochemical functions. Restoring and maintaining our mineral balance goes a long way towards feeling our best at events especially when the sun is beating down upon us.

The effectiveness of treating small problems and preventing big ones can’t be underestimated!  


Here’s what the role requires in exchange for early entry ticket, possibly gas $:  

  • Good vibes! You enjoy being around and sharing herbal medicines and general health and wellness.   

  • Knowledge of herbal medicines is preferred but not necessary. I will be supervising the medicines that are getting shared as well as abiding by  strict Do No Harm policies and sanitation protocols. You will be briefed on all protocols and procedures.  It will be a simple set up with a number of safe, pre-made formulas and some single herbs.  We are not going to be providing wound care, dealing with very sick patients, or psychological emergencies. There is a Medical tent for that.  

  • Being on shift from noon to 6 (however we will be giving each other breaks during this time so it ends up being closer to about 5 hours per day. 

  • Set up is Wednesday July 24th and takedown Monday morning July 29th. (*We may be able to possibly break down Sunday night). 

  • Making tea for the MASHH herbal electrolytes mixture, charging the solar lights, and general tidiness. 


  • You are good with decorating and can help us make a great shade structure and welcoming herbal wellness zone with our materials and decor.

  • Help with sign-making/painting.

  • Transport of some supplies.  

  • Knowledge of Ayurvedic Pulse. 

Sunset Campout:


Belden Town Resort and Lodge is located in the heart of the Feather River Canyon on the beautiful scenic byway of Highway 70, and is part of the Pacific Crest Trail.