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Herbal First Aid Clinic and Training at Envision Festival in Costa Rica February 2020. I'm thrilled to be a part of this beautiful herbal project again this year. Envision Herbal Clinic is a fabulous way to learn about herbal medicines in a clinical setting (& surrounded by jungle!) with an experienced team providing supervised care. You'll definitely get your practice. Last year we treated around 1,200 people at Envision Festival. Earth Skills to have in a time of climate crisis!

Via Sarah Marie, founder who created space for people to come and learn tools and skills for resilience.
🌿Applications now open.🌿 
This training is fast paced and intensive immersion into herbal first aid! 🌿hands on, people on, plants on🌿
🌱See for yourself how well the plants work!
🌿This is a training for those wanting to know how to show up in their communities in times of need
🌱Learn critical thinking, assessment skills, formulations and extensive materia medica
🌿Integrates healthcare, we work alongside Medic and Harm Reduction, offering people a choice in their healthcare.
🌱Facilitated by Lala Palmieri, Clinical Herbalist and Biologist
🌿Dixie Pauline, Clinical Herbalist and Wilderness First Responder
🌱Mariale Rivers, Ayurvedic Medical Doctor
🌿Souzie Boerema, Herbalist and Registered Nurse
🌱Supported by Sarit Bianca and Lyndy Day Birch herbalists & massage therapists
✨Spaces are limited!! Apply now!!


Stay Tuned for updates:

Bodega Bay Herb Walks with fellow herbalist Mackenzie Cohen.

Herbal 1st Aid at Gathering Thyme and Scarlet Sage School of Traditional Healing Arts.

Envision 2020 in Costa Rica.

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About Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is the art and science of skillfully collecting, preparing, and using plants and fungi to promote health, prevent and treat illness. Medicinally, an herb is any plant part or plant used for its therapeutic value. Herbal medicine is at the root of humanity’s great healing traditions and is still the most widely used system of medicine in the world today.